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State of Maryland Government Agencies
Working closely with our partners Data source, Inc and Business Solution Group, Alteo's personnel provided design and implementation solutions for the State Of Maryland Government Agencies mission critical systems and was an integral part of the agencies' modernization efforts. 

Our personnel was tasked with database administration for a number of stock market financial applications as well as performing and maintaining batch jobs operations to load mission critical financial records into Market Data applications. In addition, our engineers helped design and develop QA processes and procedures as part of company's efforts to transition to Web Application Technology (WAT). 

AT&T and BT
Alteo was tasked with design, implementation, deployment and maintanance of a number of web-enabled financial administration and reporting systems for the offices of CFO and CEO.

National Institute of Health
Developed and implemented Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes of world's largest cancer information web site ( Managed all in-house Quality Assurance (QA) operations.

PSI International, Inc
Since our beginning working with PSI we have supported technology migration, new developments and management contracts, providing the support required to develop and maintain a number of mission critical systems for one of the federal agencies. Alteo plays integral role in agency's effort to transition from client-server applications to web enabled systems built on J2EE/.NET platforms utilizing Service Oriented Architecture.
In addition, we designed, developed and maintain a number of PSI's web enabled utilizing J2EE technologies.

Alteo implemented automation architecture for federal government's military healthcare system. Provided support for CMM repeatable processes.

Alteo participated in developing performance testing solutions to State of Maine government health agency.

The Consortium 
Developed test approaches and methodologies for nation-leading mortgage Automated Underwritting system. Utilized IBM Rational's web automation and Serena's process management technologies.